From dating to couple

Many Christian couples struggle in their relationships because they forget the core principles of godliness, purity, and unconditional love that is modeled in scripture.

Is Thomas still dating Ashley even though she has such a tempestuous relationship with Kathryn?That initial scene that viewers saw wasn't the first one they filmed for the season, either.After that clip, the show rewound the clock to months earlier, meaning that the footage was way more recent than the rest of the events from the Season 5 premiere episode.In that first scene alone, Ashley had the nerve to tell Kathryn, "You're a baby mama" and "You're nothing but an egg donor." Kathryn dropped a few "F" bombs and told Ashley that she is "an entitled gold digger." Kathryn declared, "This is my f*cking town, b*tch. I'm not going anywhere." Kathryn even said, "We'll never be cool.On April 17, Ashley tweeted a photo of herself and Thomas with the words "Me and you are like puzzle pieces.

Two completely different shapes, but we fit together perfectly."Aside from addressing their haters head on, they are doing a lot of fun things together as a couple and documenting them with cute photos, of course.

During the April 11 episode of the podcast, Kathryn revealed, "Actually, surprisingly, he and I have formed a pretty good friendship at this point.

He calls me for advice."And yes, that advice does include relationship advice.

On April 15, Thomas posted a photo of Ashley with her friends and referred to her as his "girlfriend" in the caption:a second photo with her and Thomas kissing.

Any relationship that is built on the foundation of God’s word offers a great opportunity for growth.

On April 10, a fan tweeted Thomas, "Dude I like you I really do ur one of my fav reality peeps just some friendly advice, don't let another woman criticize the mother of ur babies find that lady that deserves you :)." Thomas replied and revealed that he thinks he is partially to blame for that fiery confrontation because he did not define "certain off limit boundaries" to Ashley.