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In the couch or I’ll send you to the hospital.” “Fine.” He eases back on his seat. “Because it’s a piece of garbage.” Jiyong suddenly stands up. I wanted to tell you in person but you weren’t picking up my calls. In reflex, he switch seats from the solo couch to the sofa where the younger boy is seated. “You’ll talk to me about why you’re hiding here instead of going out there to work.” Yongbae states as he wash the bowl on the sink. He wipes his hand dry with a paper towel then tosses it in the trashcan nearby. As he place the empty glass of water on top of the table, he notice the newspaper no longer occupies it. ” “I threw it.” Jiyong sits beside Seungri leaning back further away from the younger boy so he can look at him properly. ” Seungri quietly asks, immobilized, his eyes fixed on the coffee table. “Seungri, I’m sorry you have to find out about us through some stupid newspaper. Bring it over next time you visit.” Seungri enthusiastically requests as he browse the web for new movies to get on dvd. But on one condition.” Seungri stops browsing to look at his hyung. They just finished another movie a few minutes ago. He don’t like to disrupt his alone time with some phone ringing.” Jiyong nods even though he knew Yongbae won’t see him do the gesture.

GD has always said Pharrell Williams is one of his favourite artists since he was very young.

Other favourites include: Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Blackstreet, and Wu-Tang Clan.

Not many know that G-Dragon is one of the oldest members of BIGBANG.

And as he turns 26 on 18 August, let's take a look at some shining moments in his young but illustrious life.

니가 하면 (If You Do) (Stage Ver.) [#1] mori↑gatteyo (モリ↑ガッテヨ) Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01.

Rapper G-Dragon's name is synonymous with Korean rap music, and the Kpop star is at the forefront of the music scene. The band has not only gained a huge fan base in Korea, but world over. His phone suddenly vibrates on the table so he immediately reach for the device hoping it’s the person he’s been trying to reach in the past hour. You seem angry.” Jiyong curses yet again under his breath upon realizing it’s his best friend’s worried voice that’s on the other line. He was also born on the year of the dragon according to the Chinese calendar.GD won "Best Songwriter Award" in MKMF (MNet Km Music Festival) when BIGBANG performed there in 2007.Today (August 18) marks a very special day for BIGBANG and BIGBANG fans - it's G-Dragon's birthday!