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As a result, a het-seeming bisexual reads as Straight Gay, whereas a bisexual that acts Camp Gay is likely to be seen as subverting the stereotypes associated with a camp persona.Actual bisexual stereotypes are generally limited to glam rockers, hippies, swingers and other flamboyant presentations of alternative sexuality.

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Miranda: Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm a fire hydrant!

My name is Brian; Im 18 years old 57 brown hair blue eyes and skinny body type.

Compare Casual Kink, which is the same thing for BDSM and fetishism.

Compare Ambiguously Bi, where things are more, well, ambiguous.

So we both got naked with no problem since we were such close friends it was no big deal and I held it first.

I tried not to look but it was kind of hard with Tom showering a foot or so away from me.He had a pretty nice body, and a decent sized dick for our age. I caught him looking a few times, checking out my body as well.We went back to the campsite and ate some food and played with the fire for a little while and then went into the tent for bed.Tom and I shared one tent while our moms shared another one across the fire about 20 feet away.We stayed up talking for a while about different things like sports and school and then dating came up on the discussion.So in the end it's likely that Bob or Alice Bisexual will be outed in passing.