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hahaha Trume muss man haben :lol: :lol: Greetz Deirdre Gary!!!!! -------------------------------------------- The Getzen saxophones that we own came from a factory in Elkhorn Wisconson. However soon thereafter there was a devastating fire that destroyed all the records and irreperably damaged the machining line and put the Getzen company's woodwind making out of commission. (it would to me.....) Must get on with listing my Conn C-Mel : D - which IS a Conn. I have seen Conns that have had the original guards removed and replaced with something else. I wished the seller 'good luck' tho' - life's too short, and if the horn plays well - then what does it matter ? I've got pics of a Conn-made Bundy that's stamped with an "M" model number. AFAIK, all Conns and Conn stencils do have the "Mercedes-Benz" logo low C keyguards, excepting sopranos and horns with sheet-metal keyguards.A neck for an (unidentified) obscure instrument not manufactured for decades will be impossible to find, and modern manufactured replacement necks can cost a few times more than what you've paid for the horn.

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What happened was there was a fire in the company in the late 1960's and Getzen then stopped production of all woodwind insruments.

Most of their woodwind insruments were imported from Europe and have a Getzen disribution logo etched on them.

however there was a getzen alto at ebay recently and to me (not being a vintage expert) it very much looked like a 1950s conn. Heinz Hmmmm, When searching for the Pan American serialnumbers some time ago there is that same story of the great fire..........the loss of all the serialnumbers/papers. Interesting, that piece you quoted from the B& H forum - I had forgotten about that.

I try to get more information about Getzen-before-the-fire... Deirdre Hi, the story of the factory fire sounds convincing... : D Paul Does the Low C guard look like a 'Mercedes' badge (the three pieces at 120 degree spacing) ? I don't think Conn made anything without that quirky trademark... I don't think Conn made anything without that quirky trademark... ) some Conn concepts, even made a few 'late' Conn stencils - is that where the "locking grub screws for a number of the posts " came from ? p=74334#74334) was convinced: Sure looks like it...2-way low Bb spatula, set (grub) screws, and it even has an M number!

The only jarring notes were the red rollers on spatula keys (yes, I know.

I have other Italian saxophones), and the octave key, which has a round pearl on it.

I think I read something to the effect of Getzen wanted to expand their market away from brasswinds and stenciled a couple of other woodwinds. See (The Conn fires happened in the early 1900's, well before Getzen was founded. View Item&item=2370930628&category=16234Did anyone find out anymore info about these saxophones.

The Getzen fires occurred in 1963.)There is a Getzen tenor listed on Ebay with seller noting that the bell is inscribed: "Notes on bell- Elkhorn Div of Getzen Elkhorn Wis. I recently purchased one that needs alittle work off of ebay and Getzen Capri is engraved on it along with a six digit serial number.

Since this sax is etched with Elkhorn, Wis.-it makes it much more valuable-it has been estimated that it is worth at least 0, so you are getting a great deal on this!! I'll include the write up on it below because if nothing else, I thought it interesting.

Hi, I got a Getzen SUPER DELUXE Alto Sax for my son, but it is missing the neck. I got it for 5, it arrived without the neck and they said they've searched everywhere for it and its no where to be found, but they are willing to do what they have to in order to make me happy on this. Gordon Since it sounds like they sold it to you as a working instrument, the easiest thing they could do is give you your money back.

Yes, Keilwerth made a lot of good horns for other makers, I have a Keilwerth Toneking Exclusiv tenor and can't help but compare its features to several other good horns. "Stolen ideas" may be tongue-in-cheek, but it also may be very accurate.