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Just as Adam was considering waking his wife for another go-around, she stirred beside him, rolling over onto her back. " "I was lying here looking at you in the semi dark and thinking how nice it would be to be inside you again.That one we had when we came to bed never scratched the surface.

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There was no longer a bedside clock in his bedroom and his watch was out of reach.

He had been spooning Joanne from behind before he woke and his cock, even as he slept, had grown to half hard just from resting between her perfect arse cheeks.

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He rolled over on top of his wife and this time they were content to fuck at a far gentler pace, resulting in a much longer session.

Adam was able to control himself much better and by maintaining a slow and steady pace, interspersed with brief hard plunging bursts, he managed to give her three intense orgasms before again spilling his seed deep inside her body.This site is a legit dating site probably the only problem is that they don't have the largest amount of members on it but that is because it's a real site targeting mature women who are seeking to hook up with men.Obviously this dating niche is not going to have a huge amount of women on it, but from what we can tell they are real women on this site." "Yes I guess we were, we were comfortable together, but Adam, I have to genuinely say that it wasn't exciting sex like we just had last night.With you, it's just so good." "What broke you up then?Bookmark us now and you�ll get masses of sweet young boys and the hottest teen sex in a variety of hot boy sites!