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The Amorous Mis-Adventures of Casanova Alternative Titles: Casanova & Co The Rise and Rise of Casanova Treize femmes pour Casanova As 13 Mulheres de Casanova Year: 1977 Country: Austria / France / Italy Genre: Comedy, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: English Director: Franz Antel Starring: Tony Curtis, Marisa Berenson, Marisa Mell, Jean Lefebvre, Andrea Ferreol, Sylva Koscina, Victor Spinetti, Umberto Orsini, Jenny Arasse, Jacques Herlin, Jeannie Bell, Lillian Muller, Olivia Pascal, Hugh Griffith, Britt Ekland Description: While hiding from the royal authorities, Jacomo Casanova, the famous romancer, encounters his look-alike: Jacomino, a fugitive petty con man.

File Size: ~2150MB Resolution: 676x576 Duration: 81 min Format: mkv Download Link(s): Les Babas Cool.part1- 305.0 MB Les Babas Cool.part2- 305.0 MB Les Babas Cool.part3- 305.0 MB Les Babas Cool.part4- 305.0 MB Les Babas Cool.part5- 305.0 MB Les Babas Cool.part6- 305.0 MB Les Babas Cool.part7- 305.0 MB Beim Jodeln juckt die Lederhose Alternative Title: There's No Sex Like Snow Sex Year: 1974 Country: Germany Genre: Comedy, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: German, English Director: Alois Brummer Studio: Alois Brummer-Produktion Starring: Judith Fritsch, Franz Muxeneder, Rosl Mayr, Horst Pasderski, Josef Moosholzer, Konstantin Wecker, Dorothea Rau, Gisela Schwartz, Monika Rohde, Jacqueline Dengise, Heidi Kappler, Marcella Strauss, Florian Endlicher, Mariama Barry, Anita Haider Description: What happens when a bus with mostly female passengers strands in a small Bavarian village? There are the ski instructors who only want to be seduced and dragged off into bed.There's Sepp, who believes he has discovered an oil-well.After a while she discovers that they are all in fact dead and her decision to live with them turns into a nightmare.Unable to leave she's drawn into a macabre underworld through visions of nude satanic rituals and her own impending sacrifice. M., Swedish Film Production (SFP) Starring: Borje Nyberg, Jacqueline Laurent, Stellan Skarsgard, Gilda Arancio, Chris Chittell, Jim Steffe, Anita Ericsson, Bert Bellman, Torgny Wickman File Size: ~1400MB Resolution: 672x432 Duration: 80 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Swedish Sex Games.part1- 277.6 MB Swedish Sex Games.part2- 277.6 MB Swedish Sex Games.part3- 277.6 MB Swedish Sex Games.part4- 277.6 MB Swedish Sex Games.part5- 277.6 MB Ich, ein Groupie Year: 1970 Country: Germany / Switzerland Genre: Music, Drama, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: English, German Director: Erwin C.File Size: ~1050MB Resolution: 672x496 Duration: 81 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Keyhole -Heisser Sex aus Danemark.part1- 263.7 MB Keyhole - Heisser Sex aus Danemark.part2- 263.7 MB Keyhole - Heisser Sex aus Danemark.part3- 263.7 MB Keyhole - Heisser Sex aus Danemark.part4- 263.7 MB The New Black Emanuelle Alternative Titles: Black Emanuelle 2 Emanuelle Nera 2 Year: 1976 Country: Italy Genre: Drama, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: English Director: Bitto Albertini Starring: Angelo Infanti, Shulamith Lasri, Don Powell, Percy Hogan, Danielle Ellison, Franco Cremonini, Dagmar Lassander, Pietro Torrisi, Franco Daddi, Attilio Dottesio Description: International cover girl, Emmanuelle Richmond Morgan, is in a clinic near Manhattan suffering memory loss.

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Soren discusses this with Mette, arguing that if realistic it would be boring as it would be about ordinary people.

Mette convinces him that ordinary people don't have boring sex lives' her family and their friends for instance.

The angel Gabriel must school Joseph to accept Mary's pregnancy, while Mary comes to terms with God's plan through meditations that are sometimes angry and usually punctuated by elemental images of the sun, moon, clouds, flowers, and water.