Girls and dating tips

Men just have to be aware of how the female mind works and be respectful when approaching women.

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It is a good idea to have a candle light dinner with your first date as it makes the environment more romantic.Have some chitchat with your lover, but don’t raise any topic that will not turn out well, such as, bringing the topic of your ex lover.On the very first date, don’t jump in bed with him under the sheets to have sex.Men generally jump on to have sex, but later realize things different all together.This might in fact harm your date, and your boyfriend may not like this at all.

Just keep your eyes pretty, have a light makeup, and smell nice; that will do the trick. May be you are just going to know your new soul mate.

If you constantly disturb him by calling or texting, he might not like it.

It is fairly common not to have any interesting topic to talk about, but whatever you do, don’t bore the date environment.

Just entered your teenage life, and also hooked up with somebody?

Feeling nervous because it is your first date, and you don’t know what will you wear, how would you go, what will you say?

Approach her once, offer a polite greeting, then walk away. Being your authentic self means that she gets to engage with the true you, not the you who's trying to go on a date with her.