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You can read the document in a ‘You Are There’ manner since we present each of the Games in the way they actually unfolded.

What we do know, however, is that a tsunami travels in exceedingly long waves (tens of kilometres in length) racing through the oceanic depths at hundreds of kilometres per hour. Narrative Tracker is based on global discourse, providing a real-time, accurate picture about any topic, at any point in time.Only upon reaching the shore is its true destructive power unleashed for all to see (if they survive to witness it at all). Narrative Tracker analyzes the Internet, blogosphere, the top 300,000 print and electronic global media, as well as new social media sources as they emerge.Watching the nightly news and reading the traditional (for the last two centuries, that is) media, one has the distinct sense that what they perceive as unprecedented almost chaotic circumstances is actually that of the normalcy of the new reality, that of communications at the speed of light that the internet has foisted upon us.We keep hearing about this most unusual of election cycles, but this is only true when looking through the prism (and historical construct) of the traditional news gathering operations.They vainly attempt to tie global, transformative, and unprecedented events to relatively parochial events and forces (the Reagan Years, the Clinton administration, Bush 41 and 43, the de-regulation initiatives of Alan Greenspan of ‘99) that are being all but over-shadowed (and –whelmed) by unyielding and all-but irresistible forces. Products include ‘brand audits’ to assess the current status, establish baselines, and competitive benchmarks for current intellectual assets and brands.

There is an almost palpable sense and correct sense that things are 1) changing forever, 2) out of our control (or even influence), and 3) will have a direct impact upon the planet for generations to follow. These services are currently provided to the Fortune 500, Olympic Partners, leading Higher Education institutions, high-tech firms, the worldwide print and electronic media, the global fashion industry, among others.

The surface swirls about in fascinating eddies, but the true transformation is occurring as the nearly undetectable waves rush through the open sea only occasionally, though dramatically, making their way onto shore. For More Information, go to Language or call 001.512.801.6823.

In the same manner, the traditional media focuses on the Twenty-four-hour News Cycle but seem to miss the strong and prevalent currents immediately beneath the surface. provides a number of innovative products and services that utilize its ‘algorithmic services’ to help worldwide customers protect, defend and nurture their branded products and entities.

The French system integrator has a one-on-one selling model that works just fine, thank you. They seemed to have peaked with their ‘Moms’ campaign not so long ago. Our analyses are recorded in an ever-growing number of Sports Marketing and B-School texts.

In the chart below, we have Samsung and Mc Donald’s listed twice because they both occupy two spots on the charts. is the first research institute to document the ‘value leaks™’ that Olympic Sponsors experience at the hands of ‘non-affiliated marketers’ (NAMs) that happen by chance, circumstance or, ever more likely, cleverly orchestrated stealth campaigns that include the newest social media tricks, tactics, and strategy.” Pyeongchang has been tracked for the last two years, even as Tokyo and Beijing and Paris are currently under intense scrutiny by today.

In this new reality, tsunami-like ideas pass through vast seas of information of the Internet, nearly undetected and often unmeasured, until they crash upon our shorelines, where their full power (and possibly fury) is unleashed. After spending billions since the’60’s beginning with their brilliant ‘Hamburger Airlift,” you would think they earned their brand equity here.