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The edp is definitely more interesting and better lasting than the edt- not sure why it’s harder to find.Quickly loving this and can definitely see this becoming a staple during the cold months.

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I personally prefer the EDP over the EDT for longevity and sillage.

I think you may like it due to the peppery note, amber, bergamot, musk and vetiver being more dominant here, especially from the opening.

To my nose, it is not a sweet enough or girly fragrance. If you can't find a small sample anywhere, I think a smallest size bottle (1.7 oz 50 ml) does not hurt at a reasonable price. Vetiver smells very pungent on me, like cat pee, but here, it resembles the scent of paper. It reminds me of those Italian scented notebooks (Pigna) I used to be crazy over in primary school.

However, in the end of the dry down, the raspberry did stand out on my skin a little bit. Besides, IMO, this one can definitely be layered nicely with something else. It's a very pretty fragrance, delicate, feminine, kind of ethereal.

Perfume was created by Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier in 2000, while the bottle was designed by Serge Mansau.

This fragrance is available in 50ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum bottles.

Okay, so what I get here is a Fruity smokey tobacco Sweet peppery scent, it’s really an unique mixture, reminds me a little bit of cristal noir from Versace which has a creamy peppery scent, instead of fruits it has coconut, but anyway back to hot couture, do I like this mixture?

No, I gave it to my sister and asked her don’t use it whenever I’m in the place!

Before finding out about Fragrantica, I thought this was a strawberry peppery perfume, now I see that it was actually raspberry. I remember it lasting super long,and the sillage was amazing, that' s why I never wore it to school, I found it to be a bit inappropriate for that.

If you find it somewhere,give it a try, it's stunning.

I could see this fitting almost any age category because it’s more of a personality than a time of life scent, if that makes sense. This was the first bottle of perfume I actually bought on my own for myself.