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Now: As well as starring in the BBC's hit thriller, The Fall, Mc Carthy now writes for Hollyoaks.

Then: School bully turned surrogate mum to Tom Cunningham.

Now: Still acting and doing voiceover work – has had roles in the BBC's Casualty and Doctors.

Now: Burnet has gone on to have great success after Hollyoaks.

As well as some notable stage roles, he has recently joined the cast of HBO's The Affair, and is also set to appear in Pitch Perfect 3.

Now: After leaving the show, Stenson's focus has mostly been on the West End, where she's starred in Legally Blonde: The Musical, Shrek: The Musical, and Spamalot.

has been aired since 7th January 2018, and along with the growing popularity of the show, fans are also curious about the personal lives of the contestants of the show including English actress Stephanie Waring.

Now: OB must have finally worked out how to get back to Chester, because he's just finished filming a three month long return to Hollyoaks.

Then: First appeared in the show in 1996 – possibly best remembered for her ultimately heartbreaking marriage to Tony Hutchinson.

Of course, that didn't exactly go down well with the businessman, who has his reputation and a LOT of money at stake. In true soap style, they had a MASSIVE row, with Adam storming off and screaming that his dad had never loved their family, leading Glenn to goad his son to shoot him.

Adam said he couldn't do it because he's a "better man" than his dad, giving Zack time to run away - but as Adam tried to make a run for it, his dad caught him up and shot him point blank in the chest.

He was then put in a bodybag and callously dumped at the side of the road...

And who should find him but his wife, Maxine Minniver.

Now: Dunn is still acting, recently appearing in multiple episodes of Casualty. Then: Izzy was introduced to the show as "the posh one", and went on to marry local fireman Ben Davies.