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Why is it that all your korean actors and actresses are really good? what ever you give them to act they can really give justice to it,though some story are not really ok,but who ever you cast in all your korean series are really super! once again, Mr Nam Goong Min i love your act in this series. Nam Goong Min really good at playing the villain character. it gets way more better, still some frustrating moments but it just add to the whole story. i'm at ep8 and instead of going wow and all, i'm debating whether to drop it or not.. it must be good as others say and that this last episodes are just sort of introduction on how good it could be.. These are comments from a university professor from the Philippines.

I really can't recover now after I had watched it yesterday. I've always been a fan of Park Min Young but I also became a major fan Yoo Seung Ho and Nam Goong Min through this drama. It sucks that it didn't get as much acknowledgment as it should because of some well known dramas that were airing during the same period. He did make some terrible & unforgivable mistakes but the bigger problem was that the way he was brought up prevented him from seeing that what he did was wrong morally.

I feel like I'm gonna miss this drama and the whole set. I've always loved psychological and law dramas so this drama really hit it for me from beginning to end. While watching the drama, I kept wondering how the drama would have a happy ending with Jin Woo's condition. Yeah, Nam Gyu Man's dad was beating his son up for his mistakes but just because what he did could ruin the company.

Through the whole drama I just felt like that Gyu Man was trying to be a reflection of his dad but they had very different personalities so the result was bad.

While Nam Il Ho was rather cold, his son was emotional but probably somewhere in the past he decided to throw away any warm feelings so he can rule the company and satisfy his dad.

Yoo Seung-ho, in his young age, you can't really expect he can handle such roles like this, I loved him since Missing You. Those who can't bear crying scenes can't blame the actor or the writer. Really good drama but I don't really like sad end.... T so many things are horrible in the world so I like to see dramas with happy end (as if the storyline is horribe : murder, corruption...). He only has his father after lost his mother and brother.. He prepare so much for the trial...although not all circumstance support him..people still betray him.. He was basically telling his son that he shouldn't show any feelings and that he's useless if he can't run the company.

This drama is heartbreaking and it's not a typical romantic drama. Both Yoo seung ho and Num gung min portrayed their characters well. I remember Gyu Man asking his father something about accepting his sister in the company.I believe that kind of ending will make this drama unforgettable and everlasting, because it's cruel sad.My gosh the last trials made me cry,, Nam Goong Min gosh hes 1000% good in this series. i look at the above rankings and the comments and thought this must be really good... will watch a few more eps and see how it goes though...I regard myself as a critical viewer, and I found this work done amazingly well. Apart from the eye-candy judge, the leading actress (who acted so well beyond my expectation based on her generally-cute face), the antagonist Namkoong Min, his younger sister (who always had those eyes red when crying), all my heart goes to the tall man with that somewhat special Korean accent who could portrayed the attorney Park Dong Ho miraculously well in this drama. The acting of the lead actor is not convincing according to my own taste. The acting was impeccable (especially Yoo Seung-Ho's and Namgung Min's), the plot was well written and everything was as realistic as it could get. I couldn't believe this drama could grab my attention to Yoo Seung Hoo and Nam Goong Min that bad. So he probably didnt just want her to suffer the pain he suffered when his father couldnt remember him.The character seems like a realistic, likeable person. The ending wasn't a hundred percent clear as there were somet things which were missing (e.g. I loved how well they portrayed how the rich exploit law in order to step on the poor and how well the showed the injustice of it all. I mean, i'm so badly in love with Yoo Seung Hoo and Nam Goong Min. And I also want to interpret In Ah's smile while following him at the end as being the strong type tha she is that she will fight for it since she realized (from the note) that he still somewhat remembers her.He should continue playing the role of a lawyer because as long as he does that, I'll be the happy: P But yeah, all in all, totally worth watching (I know I was hooked from the start! I was constantly amused by Park Dong-Ha's wardrobe. SBS, KBS, MBC, TVN and etc should provide another show for him as the lead actor. Jin woo is really cute when he dad' with his eye smile..it really sad when he start to cry.. It a fun journey but at the same time full of tears [continuation] It kind of felt that Gyu Man was actually the most tragic character of all.