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You want to advance the interaction, but make it seem as though she is the one chasing you.

You might also be interested in the “honey trick” taught by dating coach Jason Capital. A dinner is a bit too formal for a first meet-up, and adds too much unnecessary pressure.

” OR “You look like a brat/handful/whatever” and then “Are you friendly?” You don’t have to use these exact lines, but I’ve found that they work very well consistently.Chris’ Nationals were also equipped with Barcus-Berry magnetic Dobro pickups “run through a tube DI called the Juice Box (made by Retrospec) and into a Fender Pro Junior amp.I use a DI and a mike on the amp so I can push it and it’ll distort and also be clean enough to articulate.’ ” Guitarists who have played Mustard often comment on the guitar’s feel.….If you ask for her full name, tell her it’s because you need to perform a background check on her first.

If she agrees to meet up for a drink, or lunch, ask her:“Are you sure you’re not going to kidnap me?

You also assess whether she’s someone that you TRULY want to talk with and possibly get to know based on something other than her LOOKS and the fact that she’s a woman.

The same rule of thumb applies regardless of the platform you use.

You can literally have your pick of an unlimited pool of gorgeous, attractive, and intelligent women.

If you’re a well-rounded, interesting guy who takes care of himself, then there is no need for you to settle.

Whenever you suggest meeting up, ALWAYS act like you’re still a little bit unsure of her.