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The New South Wales-born Australian actress is just 26.

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Indiana Evans was never vocal on her dating affair with boyfriend Angus Mclaren, an actor who, at the moment, is appearing in a TV series called Doctor Doctor. The then-couple Indiana Evans and Angus portrayed the roles of Bella and Lewis respectively and started dating in 2009.Word of their romance is like a ghost; something that has been said to exist but never made the highlights.Her role in the series gained a good review and after the series, she was also rumored being hooked with Lewis. The gorgeous Australian diva Indiana started her affair with Rhys Wakefield in 2006.Rhys, an Australian actor, and Indiana remained in a relation for a short period of time.Their relationship did not last much longer either.

Indiana Evans also dated Lincoln Lewis for more than a year in 2007.Actress Indiana Evans worked with the Hollywood star Phillippe and Juliette Lewis in 2014.She then worked in the American remake of the Channel Ten drama series S.They agreed on going on a date together, so it was a mutual thing.The couple broke up in November the same year, but they are still good friends.It's not unusual as they remain close to each other for a long time during their shooting.