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We chose five of the best castles within this region that we feel you shouldn’t miss – including one that was built recently.

By Sarah Scrafford Everyone seems to know that the most luxurious castles are located in Europe. As we traveled the world we learned that castles exist everywhere.From South Africa to Louisiana and from New Zealand to Iran, a curious traveler can find a castle in just about every corner in the world.Maps for Chinese castles are few and far between, but this country’s marvelous architectural structures are beginning to enjoy global attention. Most of these buildings were created as fortresses with entire cities built within their enclosures, but many ‘castles’ in this region consist of temple-cities as well. Canada holds the largest castles on this continent, but there is something to be said about a castle that’s small enough to serve as a fishing camp.The following five castles represent a handful of approximately one hundred castles scattered throughout this continent.But 'dolphin assisted therapy' as it is termed has been widely debunked by global experts.

'Dolphins are not healers but smart sociable predators and they shouldn't be used to 'cure' the ill,' says Lori Marino, a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.A British marine mammal charity is leading the fight to rescue bottle nosed dolphins kept as a tourist attraction in a subterranean swimming pool located under a hotel.The stressed and lonely creatures under the Best Western Paradise Hotel Dilijian - not far from the Armenian capital of Yerevan - see little natural light or hear other creatures.She has been studying dolphins and whales for 25 years and said: 'Thousands of families visit DAT facilities and end up gaining nothing that they could not have gained from interacting with a puppy''Hidden behind their smile, and therefore largely invisible to patients and vacationers, captive dolphins spend their lives under tremendous stress as they struggle to adapt to an environment that, physically, socially and psychologically, is drastically different from the wild.'The results are devastating. Often they die from gastric ulcers, infections and other stress and immune-related diseases, not helped by their sometimes being given laxatives and antidepressants that are delivered in their food.'The worst of it, perhaps, is that there is absolutely no evidence for DAT's therapeutic effectiveness.At best, there might be short-term gains attributable to the feel-good effects of being in a novel environment and the placebo boost of having positive expectations. Any apparent improvement in children with autism, people with depression, and others is as much an illusion as the "smile" of the dolphin.'The day the Mail visited the dolphins, estimated to be around four or five years old, were once again the star attraction for a group of visiting children who indeed were delighted by their permanent grins - not a 'smile' at all but a result of their jawbone development which gives the false appearance of endless happiness.It seems that you can’t turn around in Europe without bumping into a castle.