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It should come as no surprise that many of the careers that have potential salaries of 0K or more are also those that require some of the most intimidating majors.

Some people enjoy the challenge of majors that would send others running in the opposite direction.

Since there are often not only subject matter, but also psychological requirements to work in these occupations, majors that lead to these careers can be among the most intimidating for those seeking to make 100K per year or more.

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It also ranked second-to-last in terms of average GPA.

However, while the degree may be intimidating, graduates have the opportunity to make a real difference in the world.

However, there can be a lot of flexibility to take coursework on the historical eras, regions and individuals of interest to you.

Additionally, the critical thinking skills gained in this very intimidating major may give you an advantage when pursuing a variety of careers.

Here are some crucial stats to know about architecture as a major: While the average grade point average of graduating seniors is fairly high compared to the other majors surveyed, the high student workload may correlate to a similarly high workload as a professional.

Considering that the number of jobs available earning an average of 100K is relatively low, the workload combined with the competitive nature of the field may make this one of the most intimidating majors.Just be sure your psychological makeup is compatible with a career in the field before investing in your studies.Engineering technologies has long been considered a daunting yet profitable field.We ranked each major on the following criteria, with all factors weighted equally: Majors in the field of natural resources and conservation learn how to help humankind face environmental challenges and protect plants, animals and their habitats.Students might learn about topics such as balancing humanity's need for water for agricultural, manufacturing and drinking purposes with marsh and marine habitats' water requirements.History majors can go on to pursue a variety of lucrative careers, including lawyer or judge, among others.