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If after 24 hours you want to come back to XGN, you must start over as a new member.6.) Your Xbox Live profile settings, including LOCATION, and BIO, must be visible at all times so other members of XGN can authenticate you as an actual member.All members must know the security question(s), and their answers within 30 days of joining XGN.8.) All XGN members are entitled to the “OPEN DOOR POLICY”.Officers may request more participation, but members are not “required” to do more than their rank calls for. Unless issues arise to where you are unable to log in or any other difficulties with the account occur. If not, your secondary account will be removed.• Please do not, at any time for any reason post content that may be: Abusive, Obscene, Vulgar, Slanderous, Hateful, Threatening, Sexually-Oriented, or just overall Disrespectful. After the following course of action, you will be banned from the forums indefinitely.• Please do not spam the Forums unless in the designated “Spam Area”.

If you delete your profile or bio this is the same as quitting.

If this occurs, you have 24 hours to replace this in order to come back as if nothing happened.

Do not leave a game with fellow members because you are losing or not playing well.

This is considered “leaving a man behind” and includes, meetings, game nights, tournaments, and etc.4.) Poaching is not permitted.

If you should go over, you will be given a verbal warning.

NOTE: Punishments are subject to change at the Forum Administration’s discretion.

This may be including reimbursement of any or all fees legal or otherwise.14.) Members should attend a minimum of 2 meetings, and 2 squad game night/workshops/sit-ins, or activity night per month. If the member cannot attend, please inform your squad leaders.

All members of XGN must remain active on the the XGN website, with a minimum of 10 post per month.

Accepting a leadership position is a choice, and more importantly a privilege, with the understanding that you may be asked to step down at any time.

If you cannot handle the responsibility of the job, rank, or title, please don’t accept the position.10.) All XGN members must represent XGN in a positive and respectful manner regardless of whether they are playing games, using the Xbox Party Chat/Personal Chat system, or in any other online/offline environment.

Nobody may be recruited with a gamerscore of under 1000.12.) If you are invited to a party or contacted by a higher-ranking member, you need to respond in a timely manner, as the subject matter may be urgent.