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Type the name of the Quick Books Customer/Job/Vendor in the Name field in Quick Books, and click Find.The relevant records in Quick Books will be displayed.This is why these fields are referred to as captured fields in this topic.The manual processing form is displayed as follows: field to open the customer search page. When you approve the invoice through this web form, the invoice will be created in your SAP system and an archive of type message is created in If the SAP document this invoice refers to is blocked for payment, you will need to provide users in charge of approving the invoice.Select the record that matches the record in Commit CRM and click OK.

This option allows you to create a new Customer/Vendor in Quick Books based on the existing Account in Commit CRM, instead of retyping all the information again in Quick Books.

This option is very useful when the same customer already exists in Commit CRM and also exisst in Quick Books.

It tells the system that both these records are actually the same contact and there should be a link between them when synchronizing data.

Also, when generating Quick Books invoices from Commit CRM the link tells Commit CRM to which customer to link the invoice to.

To link between an existing Account record in Commit CRM and an existing Customer/Job/Vendor in Quick Books, go to the Accounts window and select Link Account To Quick Books Customer/Job/Vendor Record on the Quick Books drop down toolbar menu.

Aside from importing your Customers into Commit CRM, the Commit CRM-Quick Books Link includes many other useful functions.