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In fact, Blane admits that he used to consider his stepfother as his biological father for nearly a year during that period.

As a child he lived in Texas though his teen years were spent in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he ran away from home and joined a gang.

Leland Blane was the second son of Duane Chapman Sr. At the age of 7, Leland's father was sentenced to prison, which nearly immediately led to a divorce for his parents.

As he has mentioned in numerous interviews over the years, he wasn't able to see him, until the age of 8 when Duane got visitation rights to see Leland and his brother, Duane Lee.

What's worth mentioning here, is that he carried his oldest son, Dakota, as he walked in the graduation line.

Along with his graduation, Leland started working for his father at , the family bail bonds company.

It was said that confinement in prison was a big advantage for the case.

But, by the time the hearing started, Leland got out of prison and the advantage of Maui’s case was broken.

Half-sister of Leland Chapman, Duane Lee Chapman Jr., Garry Chapman, Bonnie Jo Chapman, Wesley Chapman, James Chapman, Zeb Chapman, Christopher Hecht and Nicholas Chapman.

" which was canceled on May 21, 2012, after 8 seasons.

Some say that he has been married many times and some state that he was married only to Maui and after the marriage ended, he did not make any attempts known to the public, in order to rebuild his life.