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The season ran from April 18, 2011 to June 13, 2011.

While on the show, Natalie and two other former bad girls competed in a series of challenges in order to find a guy to date.

Natalie was removed from the house after a street brawl with her housemates, but that wasn't the end of her reality TV career.

She went on to appear on Bridezillas, Marriage Boot Camp and The Mother/Daughter Experiment.

Natalie placed second on the show, losing to Lea Beaulieu from Season 5.

Nunn then made a cameo appearance on Season 3 of the series. In 2012, Natalie was also featured on the Oxygen series Tanisha Gets Married.

Natalie Nunn was also a contestant on the second season of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too.

Nunn also participated on the first season of Bad Girls All-Star Battle.That's definitely not cool, but it's also not a good idea to keep such sensitive footage on a portable device like an i Pad! Nunn gave her side of the story in a radio interview with the (above).It turns out that she normally keeps her i Pad password protected, BUT she forgot it on the trip so she bought a NEW one in the Big Apple.But it's Nat's social media game we're most obsessed with.The California girl regularly strips to her smalls to promote her fitness regime, the Slim Thick challenge, which, you guessed it – focuses all on the booty.She served as a Bridesmaid at her friend and former fellow Bad Girl Tanisha Thomas's wedding, along with Florina Kaja and Amber Meade.[15] The series premiered on May 7, 2012, and the finale aired on July 2, 2012.[16] Natalie's own wedding was also broadcast on television.