datingstyle nl Javascript span innerhtml not updating

I thought that a DIV tags could be used to enclose ANY block of HTML to make that block logically accessible...

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The trick to getting the Web Browser control to give you the full page source is to attach an onpropertychange event handler to the Div element that the Ajax is updating.It’s as simple as doing something like the following:- str Full Source now contains the complete HTML for that Div element after it has been updated.It wasn’t a problem I worked on constantly but instead just dipped in and out of trying various ways of waiting for the page load to complete and/or forcing the document within the web browser control to refresh.Nothing worked, then yesterday determined to sort it out once and for all I had a brainwave and have now solved the problem.Oh, and that inner HTML thing, well I played around with the span, tried using a div and found something odd.

If I enclose the WHOLE table within a DIV, I can code a workaround, which solves the problem like so: So it looks like DIV is a bit fussy about what it has inside...

This code has surprising results in Internet Explorer and Firefox, and I haven't found a decent explanation on the Internet of what exactly happens, so I'm posting this out of utter surprise.

First thing you'd notice is that some Id is a paragraph (p) tag.

Here's a simplified version of the problem: I have a small table with a ROW enclosed within a span (I have tried it with a div aswell! On clicking an image, I want the row to be replaced with the row defined in htmlstring. Well, the original row vanishes (good so far) and the replacement row (htmlstring) appears, but in a completely different place - Above the table header row! Problem is identical in IE and NN - (DOM not an issue in this case).

I have pasted in the page source below - over to you guys for any suggestions, please !! Woke up this morning, went to the shop and bought some milk - things are looking up!

One other question that came up: For redundancy, I'd like to have Script Tag Proxy try an alternate host if it can't get data from the first host.