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It's not hard to understand he would fall for the insanely beautiful Gong Li who seems to have found a fountain of youth somewhere.She plays the role of Anna Lan-Ting with a seductive and secretive flavor which is a joy to watch.

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While he unravels the mysteries of the death, he falls in love and discovers a much larger secret.

I expected a lot with an international heavy weight cast like this one.

All the way to the smallest characters are filled with great actors.

The cinematography is excellent and successfully recreates the feel of 40's Shanghai, along with the a secretive atmosphere that enhances the film noir mood.

But of course, nothing else in this turgid, incomprehensible disgrace makes any sense, either.

At least Gong is ravishing, which occasionally takes your mind off the gibberish that is going full tilt around her.1941.Ken Watanabe plays out his sinister vibe along with a human grace perfectly and Jeffrey dean Morgan is believable as the friend who ended up dead.Instead of a movie about politics and war, it's more about human relations and the different side to people.He had five siblings, and among them, one of his sister, Joan Cusack is widely known American Actress.He got well care and nurtured by his mother who was also mathematics teacher and political activist.How people are used and mislead at times like this, and matters of the heart play an important role in the decisions the characters make.