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D Pipesmokers who were born before 1950 have probably, at one time or another, smoked a Kaywoodie Pipe.

Contrary to this perception of all Kaywoodies as "drugstore pipes", many of the early Kaywoodie Pipes were quality briars that were available in an extensive range of shapes.

While there does not appear to be a shortage of Kaywoodie Pipes, there is a serious lack of guidelines for accurately dating and pricing Kaywoodie Pipes.

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The seller's knowledge (or lack of knowledge) also affects price.As noted earlier, Kaywoodie prices may be substantially lower at flea markets and estate sales.Flea markets are particularly fruitful hunting grounds for Kaywoodie Pipes.Many gems have been discovered among the dusty, heavily oxidized pipes that have found their way to flea markets around the country.(Prices can also be substantially higher if the seller believes that a pipe is "old" and/or "rare").

Perhaps the best source of information on the current value of Kaywoodie Pipes, is other (knowledgeable) Kaywoodie collectors.It should be clear from the preceding chronology that the firm of KB&B probably produced hundreds of thousands of pipes in the years since 1915.There is certainly no shortage of Kaywoodies today., The mid- and low-grade pipes are available in abundance at flea markets and estate sales, and from numerous pipe traders/collectors.Typically, one must rely upon "guestimates" based on a number of factors.As a final suggestion, it never hurts to ask the seller/owner about the history of the pipe (it may turnout that the owner of the pipe knows approximately when the pipe was purchased).The author has found 4-digit Super Grains, Connoisseurs, Flame Grains, and 4-digit pre-fitment Kaywoodies at flea markets for less than each.