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Seriously that is why they groom her and it is all conditioning her and in her mind she is held captive by these scammers so take her phone and take the computer. And in December he suddenly had to go to Canada offshore to repair an oil rig. I haven't heard back from this dumb [email protected]@ but the next morning he said you don't say anything to me since I have a problem with the machine. Yes we're looking for love but you shouldn't have to pay for it. I was corresponding and talking on Whats App to a man who says he is from Oslo, Norway. He stopped messaging until a few days ago and came on with the smooth talk again and the further requests came..cannot access his account! I've been posting my comments here for the past 2 months on and off. I update my status on Whats App and boom, my first scammer eventually responded to my status. He is as smooth as they come and has a Spanish accent. Claims he has his own company--engineering services and procurement company. They would not waste their time doing such a thing because most are married.Do research on scammers and show her the many romance scam sites until she is convinced that he is not real and he is fake fake fake. He professsed his love for me although we never met. Now all of the sudden the machine out in the Pacific has broken. I said if you're asking for money you might as well run the other way. I did point out it would be hopeless for me to transfer money to him as he’d still be In the same position!!!! I'm not sure if he's delusional or just plain stupid. He Will send love poems and say you are his wife then ask for money for Melissa his daughter in boarding school. Not widowed, not divorced, and not looking for someone. Your money is going to be gone and your heart broken. God Bless I recently connected and have become dear friends with a precious woman who was hurt by the same scammer that hurt me.

He right away fell madly in love with me and told me how great a kisser he was. I hired a private investigator for 6.00 to check him out. When I read Phill the report from the private investigator, he confessed he is a black, 32 year old from Nigeria, and he makes these calls for a living. I am so proud of you for reporting him to Money Gram with this name anyways, I too reported mine to Western Union and they gave me a ID number to keep, and black listed him and his mules.He asked for my snail address to send me a card but what I got was a dozen long stem Roses, a teddy bear and a box of Candy. Every Day I did an ip search and boy this guy traveled! I was getting bored with him so I told him I was very poor and I had nothing to offer him. One got arrested for sending to Nigeria over 2,000.00 dollars which is money laundering, and that made me so happy after I turned the ID over to my Local Police. You just made my day that someone else finally has done something like this. There is a guy by the name of Scott Gregory who says he is 45 years old.It happened to me and I saw the truth and he is gone now. We video chatted, so I saw the real person, I thought. Just updating everyone that BLAKE ROBERTS is still deep in scamming my 81 year old mother. I am smart enough to read logistics and ask for coordinates. Needs money for equipment for his pump or cards for sell calls. He said he was in the states in Washington, DC then had to go to the Pacific Ocean to do drilling for Morison oil company. I urge everyone to check them out on FB and join the fight to stop these evil individuals.These scammers have many women they talk to at the same time and show her the real truth before they take all the money and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Has a daughter named Alondra who calls me mom, wife left both of them, needed money for his computer, phone broke, needs air fare home. I cannot make her see reason or understand that he's a scammer. BLOCK BLOCKBAD NEWS LADY Anyone pretends to use his daughter is a sick person. First thing caught my eye was the spelling of Morrison. We must band together and do something to end this madness.gosto scream queens cast episode 13 kelsa scania joven golpeado por policias en mexico revista ciclo 18/2013 natura fox sports midwest kansas city channel early release prison victoria youtube to mp3 converter macht mp4 radio felicidad rio grande zac mex servipag miraflores 383 piso 22 sas uwi mona contact toby gaming roblox handel operatic arias lasalle county il police scanner who makes diesel engines for john deere jimena cid benitez javascript constants pattern witt lowry kindest regards mp3 numbnexus pelipper autorahoituslaskin haddrick family bagno di colore rosso su capelli castani montage apartments san antonio al sahra recovery abu dhabi madrid 10 goals pak vs rsa 2nd odi highlights 2010 gas barbecue bricks valerie mazess 3 ou mais canhao viewing google docs without a google account little ducklings caterham cukni vo drvo mp3 download black drawing salve for blackheads inline stunt skates kopen volkssprache indien barra kite naish usata lezyne micro floor drive hp mini floor hand pump define telecommunication protocol cqff formation shawn johnson and nastia liukin interview 2001 toyota tacoma 2.7 firing order actress neenu thomas facebook pcs 7 compendium part b lipstick studio salon state college chrome games 1 subway surfers eolie meteo settembre desert hot springs ca weather dark souls wiki elite knight set portal 2 chapter 8 chamber 5 kamerka internetowa rewal jan olbrycht wiki dsl anbieter vergleich 2014 candy crush 199 walkthrough fadi kabboul venezuela c7r wallpaper nokia x6 adobe reader gratis best german general world war ii delonghi d24527dz deep fryer espadachines famosos reales reno schuhe jobs massey ferguson forum dechove zestove nastroje shohreh kelid mp3 free download nda 132 ssb call letter remanejamento ufpe ctg 2012.2 rammstein herz brennt video mesurer taille soutien gorge d'allaitement caddy 1.6 tdi comfortline test ford dealership sunrise highway christijan albers phantump evolution tasker 101 lesson 5 greg amsler golf one piece film strong world watch venis privatizacia best hi fi surge protector used trailer park trailers direktori unit latihan usm 50 best movies ever fami pa kontan saison 2 episode simon boswell dead loto samedi 20 juillet 2013 an error occurred applying attributes to the file encrypt windows 7 clasificacion taxonomia del elefante pasta con verdure gratinate al forno wtc october 2014 nespresso kavovar bratislava a tale of worst one wiki the block sky high soundtrack download kriebel koe summary example conclusion emu running royals robocaps snak the ripper describe the impact of photography on the nineteenth century landscape.

We were both on a dating site and he quicky asked me to jump over to Yahoo and use regular email so I set up a bogus account on Yahoo and also gmail, and Installed the chat. Widowed, one child , age 15 however, once we got to regular email his emails were very choppy. He said he was self Employed oil rig engineer in Houston, Tx with 8 men working with him. He called me nearly every day at odd hours and we talked for an hour each day for 2 months.

It sounds like your Mom does not believe you, or anyone else. Keep all the money out of her hands, including credit/debit cards. Make sure she does not try to sell her house (if she owns it outright). He claims to to be a fashion designer, a barber and a contractor for Shell. I have deleted and blocked him so he can no longer get in touch with me. First they steal accounts from fallen soldiers now this. We are worthy of love and we are fabulous women and we are not giving any money to prove that worth so stand strong sisters. I lost money but it doesnt matter as I have My life back and I can smile again.

If she reads all our comments/posts, looks up Scammers on the internet and finds all the same stories, and still does not believe it, then you will not convince her otherwise. We all hate to see anyone get taken advantage of but sometimes they have to learn a lesson the hard way. You sweet mom has been brainwashed to get her to HELP. I had one that contact me on Facebook and I asked him how did he get my Facebook page and he said that it just popped up as people he might know and I said well it shouldn't have had and said because my setting is on private so I don't know how so he continued to tell me that he was a widower and he lost his wife and eldest daughter in a horrible car accident and he's been alone for like the last past 7 years. I have enjoyed the ride for 2 mths of attention and poetry and charm but once any money is discussed in any form its time to burst that bubble. Thankyou Everybody on this site Have posted previously about this character. Thanks in advance Marvel Clinton is a scum of the Earth and they made a movie of the Fire of the oil Rig that burned up in 2012 and men died and its sad this man would used this.

He said that he has a 13 year-old son who is still at boarding school and wife passed away due to cancer. They lie about their oil rigs or famliy members and they cry and they beg. What I'm going to do is put out flyers with all the dating sites names and this website and maybe someone will start listening. He's still out there scamming and asking women for money to complete his mission of repairing an oil pipe line off the coast of Spain.

He claimed that he is a wealthy man, own big house with maid and gardener and quite busy person to manage all the offshore projects. I’ve got plenty of pix but even though I have seen him who knows we if he’s really real. They are not real and they use anything to get to you all lies. Whatever country or state you are in we should all be doing this. I've conversed with another lady that has encountered his lies, sweet talk, happy ever after story. I'm asking women that were contacted by his connection with LINKEDIN to please write a letter of complaint to LINKEDIN explaining his scam. Watch out for this one, very smooth, won’t ask for money right away, but has asked me to get a credit card to get him hone from the UK, London. Wants me to pay his taxes on a check he received from building a house for a client in London.

Within a week after constant chatting, he began to say to my mum that he loved her and he wanted to get married and ready to travel overseas to Asia in order to make the real meeting happen and planned to bring my mum to America to live with him. Alfred or whatever his name is professed his love to me. He can be threatening and he told me I know more about you than you think I know. I talked to a scam hunter and she said they target women from 40 to 70 or so years old and make no excuse you are a target and they want one thing - MONEY. Let's take way there income as well as they don't give a damm about us. He needed money for his daughter Melissa in boarding school in New York and now the oil rigg is on fire (well the picture of the fire dated 2012) and he needed money again. I have done so, reported the email he sends out along with a photo. He’s now living with his travel agent and family after I paid for his hotel bill of 00. Says age does not matter as I told him I am 65 years old. Beware It is difficult to say if any of us have been in contact with these two as they change their names to suit the situation.