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can't believe there are people who don't know who Kim Ki Bum is ㅜㅜ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 3. Should've just stayed with Su Ju or never even joined to begin with if he was going to act. [ 78, -0] He was the most handsome member in Su Ju but he left to do dramas -Source: Nate 1. So the guys who were supposed to be actors, like Heechul, Siwon or Kibum, were probably shocked to see their planes changed.

[ 503, -21] I read Kim Kibum and wondered if it was the Su Ju guy and it is..... [ 371, -15] Wow it's been a while since we've heard news about him... [ 111, -0] Feels like Kim Kibum messed up his life way too early on. [ 110, -4] I really thought Kim Kibum would be one of the most popular members of Su Ju back in the day... [ 83, -0] If he stuck with Su Ju, I bet he'd be better off right now 9. [ 10, -1] I still don't know who these two are To be fair, he was debuted in a rotational project, and one year later the company decided to make it a fixed group.

I swear that when an idol leaves their group / is not popular, for some reason, they like to invent some ''broken fate'' backstory. he left officially sm last year (in summer if my memories are right). I think the group, sj, was just rotational at the beginning and so it was useful for him to start his acting career riding it., but the group became permanent. Sometimes they even say this for nugus or some idols who had never been close nor had the potential to become that popular. The Super Junior member is supposedly in a relationship with Ryu Hyo-young.While this latest news is certainly surprising for many, there seems to be more to the story and one that raises questions if the two are even dating.And i think there are other reasons also we won't never know.

Previously, it was reported that Kim Ki Bum formerly of Super Junior and Hyoyoung formerly of 5-ve Dolls were dating. SEE ALSO: [BREAKING] Super Junior's Kibum and 5doll's Hyoyoung are dating!They're colleagues currently under the same agency at the moment.Ilgan Sports broke the news, revealing the pair had gotten to know each other through their Chinese web drama 'On-Air Scandal'. [ 11, -3] Ryu Hyoyoung is that twin with Ryu Hwayoung 5. He was the visual center of the group but I stopped seeing him so I wondered where he went 4. I think he grew progressively disenchanted with it, considering it was not what he signed up for to begin with I'm sorry to say this, but why do netizens always say things like ''this idol messed up, he/she could have been just like Suzy/Siwon'' when it's absolutely NOT the case ?