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My partner tried Toufaha (apple, mint and ginger), while I was recommended Mira (fresh mint, lemon, lime and orange blossom lemonade).

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Loaded with buffalo mozzarella, pecorino and chilli jam, and a selection of pickles and olives, it was a cut above most first courses.

For mains I eventually plumped for lamb lollipops, which I could pick up and rip apart with my teeth, à la Henry.

Turk Launches have been operating on the Thames for more than 300 years, and with the sun shining again for our 35-minute cruise from Kingston to Hampton Court, we took time to relax and enjoy this most scenic part of the river, admiring some of the luxury properties edging the water.

One glittering glass-fronted affair was on the market, but at more than £1m you’d need a King’s ransom to buy.

My Mana’eash (Lebanese flat bread) was a definite hit, topped with spicy Armenian lamb sausage, halloumi cheese and tomato.

And my partner did her very best to get through a spiced salmon dish with vermicelli rice but was beaten by the sheer size of the feast.My partner had been dreaming of a juicy steak since visiting the Royal kitchen earlier in the day and, despite plenty of other temptations, couldn’t be swayed from a rare 8oz hunk of rump.The polenta chips (covered in parmesan) and primavera salad (peas, broad beans, rocket and asparagus with ricotta and Sicilian orange dressing) were as good as they sounded. The Bentall Centre is a modern arcade packed with shops to suit all tastes, and with a giant John Lewis, the Eden Walk Shopping Centre and all the top high street chains, you’d better arrive with a giant bag of gold coins.Today, as you step into the Great Hall where giant tapestries still hang from those Tudor times, it’s impossible not to be swept up in the history and imagine what it would have been like to be part of those decadent banquets that could last for days on end.How fitting then, that this was one of the places we visited during a two-night stay in nearby Kingston upon Thames, during which we were made to feel every inch the King and Queen.But the most enjoyable part of the day was following a humorous but educational re-enactment charting Henry’s love for Catherine Howard and the young lady’s dilemma as she weighed up the king’s advances against enjoying the fruits of a somewhat more promiscuous life.