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He’s so dumb he thinks High Cholesterol is a religious Holiday! Two fish stopped and looked at me, one turned to the other and said “I’ve seen all kinds of bait in my life but this is ridiculous! Branson is so clean even the pigeons fly upside-down.

“I’ve got two teeth, green eyes and I charm everybody.” The other day I fell in the lake. She’s such a bad cook, for her birthday I’m going to get her an oven that flushes! All of a sudden she started growing taller and taller–then I figured out she had a wooden leg and I was spinning her the wrong direction!

Leave it to a bunch of entitled Greeks to side with the establishment, right? Meanwhile, Lilly Christine had long since minced on her merry way, no doubt accustomed to leaving a bit of chaos in her wake.

She furthered her formal education at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, where she received her Juris Doctor with honors (graduating Cum Laude / Order of the Coif), and became a licensed Attorney in the State of California.Makeup, Glamour, Fashion and design have always been passions of Lilly’s, so it is no surprise she owns many different beauty and fashion companies under the “Ghalichi Glam” powerhouse label.Among the performers: La Savona, Lilly Christine, Lynne O'Neill, the gorgeous Misty Ayres, Patti Cross, Tina Marshall, Carol Doda, Nejla Ates, Lili St. If you like these, check out our previous set of dancers here.London Paris Tokyo Rome New Orleans New York City La Savona Lilly Christine Lynne O'Neill Misty Ayres Patti Cross Tina Marshall Carol Doda Nejla Ates Blaze Starr Wildcat Frenchie Lili St. I’ve been in Show Business a long, long, long time. Recently, I was featured in a magazine centerfold, no NOT Playboy…Field and Stream!

I’ll admit he talks for me, if he’ll admit I think for him! Wanna learn how to be a smart-alec,…try out some of these lines: You talk so much, your mouth must have stretch marks! It’s nice to know they settled Mary Poppins’ estate! Hello dear, how nice of you to look at my web site. Hopefully, someone out there will one day digitize a film and put it online, because she probably needs to be seen in motion to be truly appreciated.Lilly Christine died in 1965 at age forty-one and was born today, ninety years ago. As usual, it’s taken us longer than we intended, but today we’re back with more.The above cover appeared this month in 1953 and features a masked model shot at New York City’s annual Artists Equity Ball, which, according to , pretty much turned into an orgy.We don’t know about that, but the photos do reveal a rather racy scene.Businesswoman Lilly Ghalichi has a lot more to her than meets the eye.