Lotus notes calendar not updating

When connecting from a xp client to a win 7 virtual desktop, the "Dynamic Daylight Time Disabled" regkey (in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Time Zone Information]) is getting set to 1. This breaks the time in the Lotus Notes Client calendar.Interestingly enough, if you start lotus notes with the /basic switch (which I believe does not use the eclipse framework) the calendar is fine.

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A recommendation would be to create a program document that executes a compact -b every night for all users mail files.

And once a week a program document that executes compact -B for all users mail files.

When they update the time of the entry, it does not show the updated time in the main calendar view.

If they go back into the updated entry, it will show the new time.

When they have deleted 20 or so they believe that they have made a great offert and wonder why there is no difference, why nothing happens...

The key to clean your mailbox efficiently is the 'All Documents' view.

Manually changing the time zone (on the virtual desktop) and changing it back before starting notes corrects the issue, as does updating the registry entry.

Since the key is changed at connection, a startup script or group policy will not help.

First of all, most users don't clean their mail box as good as they claim.

The users tend to delete simple e-mails that don't contain any attachments.

I can find some links discussing this problem, just no solution....