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Today, there are nearly 600 Hooters restaurants nationwide. KOP is very far and there is a toll cost that comes with it.About a quarter of them are company owned and the rest are franchised. Answer 1: The phone number for Hooters is (770) 951-2040. NE Philly Hooters 2012-2018 Thanks for the great meals and memories.

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There is a large group of long tenured Hooter Girls who refuse to be in the contests.These girls are “dead weight” and should be fired immediately.Please bring in a tough manager like Dominic Toretto who will lay down the law.Here is a schedule for NE Philly Hooters to follow for the remainder of 2018 Christmas in July Bikini Contest July 2018 Las Vegas Pageant Viewing Party August 2018 (not a contest, but showing the pageant on all flat screen TV’s in the restaurant) Halloween Bikini Contest October 2018 Santa’s Helper Bikini Contest December 2018 If this schedule is carried out, there will be more interest and customers in the restaurant.I don’t even go to Popeyes or cook chicken at home. It was so bad I had to run to the bathroom and left my cell on the counter. Since May 2016, I have seen every doctor to figure out why i vomit and s**t constantly.

Then vomited my gusts out for hours until the limo driver could come get me. Did a Colonoscopy in Jan 2017, nothing wrong with my colon.Payton, Peyton, China, Mary, Brianna, Stephanie, Felicia, Tierra, Olivia, and Reina.These girls deserve credit and should be thanked and rewarded.Leading customer Bruno and the photographers are very disgusted this issue has not been resolved.The following girls deserve credit for being in the store qualifier 3/28.told him he could inform waitresses only drinks…he was sorry but, didn’t seem very apologetic at all, several other customers commented about staff/him didn’t care….