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After watching the show, young people in your care may want to talk to you about their own experiences.While it can be difficult, having an open and honest conversation is important.

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They’re respectful and positive relationships you can have with anyone in your life, including whānau, friends and dating partners.

Healthy relationships involve trust, an equal sharing of work, and the potential for conflict to be resolved respectfully and constructively.

Part of healthy relationships is recognising we all have different expectations about what we want from relationships and that's okay.

It's important to know what you want as an individual, but also know how to find out from your partners what they think healthy relationships involve.

Sexual violence involves victims who do not consent, or who cannot consent.

It can be carried out by anyone, regardless of their relationship with the victim, and in any social setting. Coercion can vary from someone repeatedly asking them after they have refused sexual contact, to someone forcing another person to have contact with them through threatening to leave them or making them afraid to say no.

'Power over' is about the ability of one person to limit the options and choices of another person.

The main feature of an unhealthy or abusive relationship is about one person exercising power and control behaviours over another person. Domestic violence doesn't look the same in every relationship because every relationship is different.

Consent is a crucial part of healthy relationships, especially if anything sexual is involved.

All people need to give consent before anything sexual happens.

If someone experiences any type of sexual violence, it’s never, ever their fault.