Methods of accommodating cultural diversity in the workplace

The clinical staff often feel that the administrative department is overly focused on revenue, when the interest should be on the clients.

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I have supervised, taught, trained and coached thousands of individuals and gained detailed knowledge of hundreds of organizations in my 36 plus years of practice, including tenure at three major mental health social service organizations and 30 years of private practice.

As I reflect upon my professional and leadership journey, I find myself examining major life choices and assessing the consequences of these decisions.

It lessens our ability to create and sustain leadership within our field.

Social workers often hold deep-seated suspicions of CFOs, budget personnel and internal auditors for having little or no concern for, or value of, those we serve and the work we do.

The first issue is the splitting in every aspect of the profession.

This splitting occurs between us as social workers, between the administrative and clinical services within our organizations and within the entire profession.

To state the obvious, an organization cannot investigate and address alleged harassment or misconduct it doesn’t know about.

So, how does an organization create a culture of compliance where employees trust HR and management enough to report their concerns internally so that the company can address those concerns?

During my early years as a program director, I dreaded budget time.

Dealing with financial issues diminished my view of myself as a generous caregiver.

The adage about time flying when you’re having fun also applies to years and decades when you’re following your passion.