Justhookup comxx Migrating 2016 to 2016 updating simple url dns

You can now shoot requests at these servers indiscriminately.

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I’ll assume you’re capable of installing Windows Server 2016, and capable of installing the AD FS role on the server.

We’ll pick up at the “you must configure AD FS step”. Your AD FS farm now has a Windows Server 2016 server that can answer federation requests.

Servers have no way of negotiating their role in the AD FS farm, so each computer must be updated manually: Firstly, on the new Windows Server 2016 computer, set it to be the primary computer.

This enables its database for changes, and means it will no longer sync its configuration from the previous primary computer.

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See here for instructions on how to do that using regedit or deploy the setting using logon scripts or Group Policy.

If we click on the log tab, we can see the process that Outlook went through to get the autodiscover response.

On all other AD FS servers, run the following command to enable them to retrieve their configuration from the new primary computer.

All servers must be updated, as they’ll be configured to point to the old primary server which will soon be merely a secondary server.

It fails on a number of different methods then eventually attempts the SRV record lookup and this provides the response.