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With this work being more on the cynical side of the scale, the colonists were mostly "undesirables" thrown out of Earth.

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This simply demonstrates the irrationality of contemporary notions of 'racism' and 'antiracism'.Those who actually fought Western imperialism over the past two centuries recognised that their struggles were rooted in the Enlightenment tradition.Because damage is resolved after all attacks go off (nobody "shoots first"), and details of movement like facing and attack angles are key elements of gameplay, going first is almost always a disadvantage, since it requires acting with lesser knowledge of your opponent's moves than they have of yours.The second is that the game is based heavily around Subsystem Damage rather than Critical Existence Failure.This was only broken when Houses Steiner and Davion merged to form the Federated Commonwealth, which proceeded to nearly destroy House Liao in the Fourth Succession War, as well as seize a lot of territory from Houses Kurita and Marik.

The newly formed House Steiner-Davion seemed poised to eventually conquer the Inner Sphere but in the year 3050 a new enemy appeared.The game's quick-start rulebooks can be downloaded for free off of the official website, even, including basic rules and the ability to print out a map and paper stand-ups of four 'Mechs, two variants each of a tank, hovercraft, Battle Armor and infantry platoons to wage a quick, easy-to-understand skirmish.A fan-made, computer version of Battle Tech, called Mega Mek, allows the user to play the tabletop hex-based Humankind has set off into the galaxy, colonizing planets in a wide area radiating from the Earth, an area known as the Inner Sphere.During one of such wars, the Terran Hegemony created the Battlemechs, the hulking mechanical bipedal titans that would soon became the dominating force on the battlefields of the Inner Sphere.Eventually, the Terran Hegemony, now reformed as the Star League, succeeded in unifying the whole region, and humanity entered the Golden Age, until an Evil Chancellor killed the ruler and took power for himself.For three centuries, the five self proclaimed Successor States along with numerous minor powers fought for dominance, transforming the Inner Sphere into quasi-feudal society, while the Earth-based semi-religious organization known as Com Star, formed by the remains of Star League's Department of Communications, observed this for their own agenda (Having a monopoly on the only means of interstellar communications helps).