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In the olden days, if you wanted to contact someone, you had to pick up the phone and actually talk to the person, write a real letter or yes, even meet in person.

Everything had been going great until several weeks ago when she seemed to lose interest.Every time I wanted to see her, she was unavailable, and gradually I got the hint and stopped calling altogether. Miss Manners says: What you described is the “Kafka Romance Dissolver” and both you and the young lady executed it perfectly.Q: What is the proper method for ending a relationship?For the last several months, I have been exclusively dating a young woman of whom I am very fond.Be a man (or a lady, as the case my be) and just say “I’m sorry, but this isn’t working for me anymore.” It’s not pleasant, but it’s the right thing to do.

The other way just makes you look like a dick who is letting someone pine over them without letting them know it’s over.

I’m looking for honest advisement on how to proceed. With any luck, it will be a long journey — and yours is a difficult momentum to keep up.

However, since you are so moved, you may certainly write a letter telling your friend how much she means to you, and that while you do not like to think about losing her, her announcement has touched you deeply. Surely, neither you nor your friend want to spend the duration of your relationship fretting about its demise. When he first came here, his command of English was somewhat limited.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: A co-worker from another country visited our location in the U. His English improved significantly during his stay.

On his last day, when he came by my office to say goodbye, I found myself tempted to mention how much his English usage had improved.

Preparation, I know, is healthy, builds character, and will allow me to discuss different aspects of her passing while she is still vibrant.