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Barnabas, however, took him by the hand and introduced him to the apostles, and explained to them how he had seen the Lord on his journey, and how the Lord had spoken to him.

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He made many charitable gifts to the people and was a real man of prayer. This Antioch was known as "Queen of the East", capital of the province of Syria, and the third largest city in the Roman Empire after Rome and Alexandria.With a population of over half a million people, it was located on the River Orontes, and a junction of trade routes between East and West.- Capital of Cilicia in Asia Minor, and Paul's home.A Greek-speaking, Roman province in south-eastern Asia Minor, an important city and major centre of learning.And the very next day he went out with Barnabas to Derbe, and when they had preached the Gospel to that city and made many disciples, they turned back to Lystra [10], Iconium [11] and Antioch [12]. They then crossed Pisidia and arrived in Pamphylia.

They proclaimed their message in Perga [13] and then went down to Attalia [14].

Settled by Gauls from central Asia in the 3rd century BC, Galatia included the Phrygian town of Pisidian Antioch; not to be confused with Syrian Antioch..... And the disciples continued to be full of joy and the Holy Spirit. Then some Jews arrived from Antioch and Iconium and after turning the minds of the people against Paul they stoned him and dragged him out of the city thinking he was dead.

But while the disciples were gathered in a circle round him, Paul got up and walked back to the city.

We spent some days in Philippi ....- The ruins of Philippi are near modern Kavalla in northern Greece.

It was then a city of Macedonia founded by Philip, the father of Alexander the Great.

After that Saul joined with them in all their activities in Jerusalem, preaching fearlessly in the name of the Lord.