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A soul contract simply means you chose the most perfect life you could for learning, challenges, successes, and so on.My angel explained it more fully when I conveyed this question to him from one of my newsletter subscribers: “How much leeway does one typically have on a soul contract?MBOs Work Perfectly When I began requesting MBOs about sixteen years ago, I had no idea how many extra benefits there were in making these requests.

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But I eventually discovered that this process was raising my vibrational level, which some people also term “ascension.” This allowed me to begin communicating with my own guardian angel (GA), Theo, in 2005, as well as many other beings.My angel communicated to me in my “active meditations,” as I call them, that requesting MBOs is the first and easiest way to raise your vibrational level a little at a time.It’s an almost perfect life from the viewpoint of a rearview mirror, shall we say?Again, you do have free choice, but taking the most benevolent path will get you to your destination much faster than wandering through the woods.” Enjoy the many inspiring stories in the pages of this book, and if you have not tried requesting MBOs in your life before, please do so.Let’s say the path does allow you to wander just a bit — but not too far.

Requesting MBOs does keep you on a path to meet those people you’re supposed to encounter and interact with and to meet those challenges set up for the maximum growth of your soul.

Foreword 01 How MBOs Work 02 Benevolent Outcomes at Home 03 Benevolent Outcomes around Town 04 Benevolent Outcomes for Vehicles 05 Benevolent Outcomes for Everyday Transportation 06 Benevolent Outcomes for Jobs, Careers, and the Workplace 07 Benevolent Outcomes for Personal Finance 08 Benevolent Outcomes for Self-Owned Businesses 09 Benevolent Outcomes for Physical Health.

10 Benevolent Outcomes for Doctor Visits 11 Benevolent Outcomes for Surgeries and Medical Emergencies 12 Benevolent Outcomes for Peace of Mind 13 Benevolent Outcomes for Relationships 14 Benevolent Outcomes for Children 15 Benevolent Outcomes in Education 16 Benevolent Outcomes for Travel 17 Benevolent Outcomes for Vacations and Holidays 18 Benevolent Outcomes for Weather and Natural Disasters 19 Benevolent Outcomes Involving Pets and Other Animals, Reptiles, and Insects 20 Benevolent Outcomes with Technology 21 Benevolent Outcomes for Games of Chance 22 Benevolent Outcomes for Entertainment..

Taking the Most Benevolent Path Another benefit I did not realize when I began requesting MBOs is that this practice keeps you on your soul path, or “soul contract,” as my guardian angel calls it.

People really have a lot of misconceptions about soul contracts, so let me explain them according to what my angel has told me.

When I feel as if I’ve had a dream about an upcoming challenge, on awakening I’ll say,“I request a most benevolent outcome for anything that will occur in my physical world that this dream may have referred to. ” It makes me feel better knowing I’m getting a jump on the challenge the dream symbology referred to.