Most sedating antidepressants

I'm pretty sure I am bipolar because I've had sort of manic states even without medication, so it worries me a lot 'cause it means this mood crap is with me for the rest of my life not that I don't have really crappy reoccuring depressions since childhood, but I'd prefer to pretend they'll eventually stop. I looked it up later and found out it was taken off the market not because of it being ineffective, but because it often led to liver toxicity.

It's weird, Nardil caused a nasty hypomanic spell for me, but for the most part it put me to sleep more than any other AD. i've been on mood stabilisers before - epilim was the best in terms of not making me fat/lazy/stupid.The other possibility is adding things to your ad to calm you down. lamictal was good also, but it might have an activating effect for you.A lot of the sedating ones they mention are tricyclics. On the other hand, if you're healthy and not at risk of od'ing then maybe they'd be right for you.Those are older ad's, that again, should probably be prescribed by a psychiatrist, rather than a GP - since most GPs won't be that familiar with them. Serzone isn't prescribed much nowadays either - I think because it's not that effective? Mouse's suggestion, Remeron, is supposed to be sedating.Whom it may be suitable for: Depression sufferers with fatigue-like symptoms (norepinephrine works on the adrenal system); also a good option when SSRIs don’t work; not ideal for patients with hypertension.

Pros: This SSRI has fewer overall side effects than some antidepressants, but the serotonin-related side effects can be powerful.Pros: This norepinephrine dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI) is often added on to other antidepressant treatments that lose effectiveness over time or cause sexual dysfunction.Side effects: Jitteriness, insomnia, headaches, dry mouth, nausea (and, rarely, risk of seizure).However, my psychiatrist strongly recommended against that, because trazodone can have some, um, highly undesirable side effects involving the male anatomy!Hello, Prozac is well known to provoke mania or hypomanic state in people.But this is definitely a question for a psychiatrist - if they're not good at knowing which AD's are activating and which are sedating, they shouldn't be prescribing. Also, to figure out what to do, the doc needs to figure out whether your "mania" is really a bipolar switch - and if so, what kind - vs. Those are tricky distinctions and it's really a question for a good psychiatrist.