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So I had two cases in two different parts of the country that got me started on this.” For the first two years starting in 2014 Mc Loughlin gave away his books to anyone who would read them.“I didn’t want people to say ‘you’re making money off of this,'” he said.A gang of Muslim “Asians” of mostly Pakistani descent seeks out, pursues, chats up and cultivates school girls for sex, turning them into bodies for sale.

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The film was immediately labeled “racist” by the BBC and other establishment media.

Like many Brits, Mc Loughlin didn’t believe what he saw in the controversial film. “I didn’t believe it was going on until 2009 when someone told me it was happening to their child.

It contains research that blows away the theory, widely reported in the media, that it’s a tiny minority of Muslim men involved in the rape gangs and then only in one British town, Rotherham.

Author Peter Mc Laughlin argues in his exhaustive study, “Easy Meat: Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal,” that it’s at least 300 Muslim men who were preying on girls in Rotherham over a 16-year period.

“So there are indications police officers were involved in the pimping out and exploitation of the girls,” Mc Loughlin said.

“One officer who was being investigated died mysteriously in a car crash last year.” With so much information now available, the establishment media and politicians can no longer deny the Rotherham tragedy. That doesn’t change the fact that a huge cover-up took place to hide decades of sexual abuse of English school girls.Only one female journalist would write about the Muslim gangs with any semblance of honest journalism and she was accused of being “racist” even though she was a left-leaning feminist, Mc Loughlin said.“If Rotherham has this problem with 1,400 victims, and that’s a conservative figure, then the local newspaper must have known about it,” he said.“And so because of this organization there is data for Rotherham,” he said.Strangely, the offices of Risky Business were broken into and many of their files stolen.See list of men convicted and the towns where they committed their rape crimes.