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Drupal’s taxonomies and core structure took us a while to get used to.However, after building numerous sites with Drupal, we slowly and surely came to love Drupal as the CMS of choice for Enterprise level websites and web applications.

Both CMS’s have solutions to responsive images, but they take different tracks.With Word Press, image sizes per break points are declared in the file.As far as content editing on mobile, Word Press has an extremely nice native mobile app.This app is awesome if you are updating your blog in real time.On the bright side, both CMS’s have plugins or modules that provide legacy support by allowing you to regenerate your previous generated images.

If you are building a new theme and will need to regenerate many new images, the regenerate thumbnails plugin is a handy little tool.Along the way, our client roster grew and we encountered needs for more content types, a richer admin experience, and a more Enterprise Level CMS.That is when we started developing sites with Drupal.The sites that we were developing had very minimal content types and the general Word Press page content block was sufficient to give our clients a clean page admin experience.Note: we often refer to the “admin” as the password protected web portal where clients update their content.With Word Press, hackers can target a vulnerability inside a plugin and wipe out hundreds of thousands of sites.