Nod32 not updating windows 7 10 most intimidating dive bars seattle

As soon as I uninstalled the trial version and installed the paid version the update went through immediately.

hi guys, I am using the nod32 version that my friend gave to me so I install it on my system with the virus signature 4983.

Since then it cannot update to the present signature I am trying manual updating but it telling me that updating fail or its interupted. Previously I was using the version 3.0321.0and I deleted it because of the same problem.

But as I noted above, things have been fine since yesterday. When Eset places priority on updating customers who have paid for their service, somebody else may indeed choose to read that as caring "less" about those who are trialing for free. Those of us who've paid are glad Eset's priority at "crunch times" remains with paying customers.

If any paid user is having issues now, it's not the server/update thing. And in any case, normally there's not noticeable difference in what both class of users experience in updating.

That's fine they give paid user's first crack but don't exclude trial either i mean 2 days of no updates come on they are a business with multi servers for the updates.

I can understand if they have like 2 update sites but they have alot more.But I would not be aware of how a trial user is fairing... Having used AVG free for a while, I can tell you that free users have a lower priority when it comes to updates too.There were instances when I had to try and manually update for periods of time in order to get the latest release. I had the trial version of NOD till last night and it had not updated the definition files.Updating NOD32 in Windows Updating NOD32 in Linux Community Q&A NOD32 is an antivirus program developed by ESET that is available for Windows and Linux users.Your ESET NOD32 Antivirus program can be updated at any time by checking for and downloading updates from directly within the NOD32 application.Reinstalling just to get updates i guess means i have a problem.