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Consider the difference between being friendly and being friends.

They are available from the Nursing Standards section of the CRNBC website

Client: An individual, family group, population or entire community that requires nursing expertise.

Employers that provide education, supervision and support related to boundary issues will help staff recognize and resolve problems in the early stages.

Nurses use professional judgment to determine the appropriate boundaries of a therapeutic relationship with each client.

Recognize that if you accept clients as personal contacts on social media sites, you may be crossing a boundary.

You may also breach client privacy and confidentiality.

Do not discuss clients (even anonymously or indirectly) or share client pictures on social media sites or in any public forum.

Understand that nurses who work and live in the same community often have a dual role.

Inappropriate behaviour includes neglect and/or verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and financial abuse.

Generally, nurses do not exchange gifts with clients. Be transparent, therapeutic and ethical with all your clients and former clients.

Consider why the client has offered the gift to you, and the value and appropriateness of the gift.