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The Moon sign modifies the Sun sign and brings into play new forces, different motiviations and special elements to the character of an individual’s Sun sign.

The effect of a person’s Moon sign can significantly decrease or increase the tone of a Sun sign.

The Moon personality is one which a person keeps hidden and may even represent a nature considered to be somewhat disturbing, uncivilized, primitive or animalistic.Basically the Moon personality is an individual’s inner core and its influence is usually a subtle one, relating to a personality which is beneath the surface.Though it may prove difficult, Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon subjects should attempt to develop a degree of flexibility and versatility…together with the ability to relax.These are souls whose constant struggle for accomplishment often causes problems with tension.The attitude of the Aries Moon is restless and risk-taking.

The Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon combination produces a realist with only marginal interest in generalizations and/or abstractions. Ambition is vividly marked in the nature of these individuals and there is little feeling for right, wrong, justice, philosophy…or any other intangibles…unless they touch such natives, or people in whom these natives are interested.In short, an understanding nature is not their special gift since they are rather shrewd and hard-headed in demeanor.Still, these individuals do possess an effervescent personality and are never ones to run away from a fight.They are tactful and considerate of others in a general sense, but their goals are usually quite clear.This is a combination that blends the emotional force, power of will and determination inherent in Scorpio with the stable and practical nature of Taurus.In this instance, the mind is occupied with the realities and facts of “the here and now” with little interest or concern for ideals and/or the philosophical.