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I’ve always been consistent through all my years.”Katie Kays, for her part, said she hasn’t yet found the long hours draining. We asked how she managed to take all the physical demands of the job. ” She still lives as she did when she was a student, except without the same pressure or insecurity surrounding finances.“I’m not material, I don’t buy anything,” she said.“Well, I’m only 19.” Spending the Cash — Or Not Little Red Bunny said her lifestyle hasn’t changed much since she started earning money through camming. “Most of my expenses go to [camming] — you have to upgrade your computer, you have to have the fastest Internet speed … Besides that, my biggest treat is just, ‘Let’s have a night out.Summary: You'd be splitting hairs trying to decide between Im and Streamate, albeit I prefer the latter since Streamate doesn't make you prepay for packages of time.Their both the 2 cheapest live webcam sites / shows online by a good distance.In some cases we offer more, site specific tips on how to save more money and get the very best deal on live sex webcams! It’s fast and easy to save money using sex cam sites with our table.

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there’s always a little thing, because for any self-employee it’s always harder,” she said.

“Beyond that, it’s just the same.”Katie Kays also stayed quiet about exactly how much she was earning, but she did give me a clue. “It puts me through college without student loans.”She’s currently at university in Pennsylvania studying early childhood development, and plans to continue camming until she finishes college.

Besides tuition fees, 10 to 15 percent of Katie Kays’s earnings go to savings, she said. “I’m considering moving to Key West for the winter,” she admitted.

Little Red Bunny also completed some college, but put it on standby when her camming career took off.

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