One on one sex chat with paypal

“Monthly: (recommended if you want to chat consecutively. I will chat with the person for the whole month they paid for.

This applies to my hours available.) 0 [£93.09]. After their 2nd or 3rd chat I start letting them pay as they go.” She defended her profession, saying she did not treat her clients like “cash machines” or “take advantage”, even claiming to speak to some for free.

Calling herself Haley, she acknowledged people may think it’s “kinda weird, or nasty”, but claimed it was based on respect and she treated everyone with dignity.

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“Although some girls do provide services like this, I do not.My job is to provide my clients with all of the resources I have to offer.Well, look no further because Sofia is going to take good care of you.She is a stunning Danish cam girl with brunette hair, and the thing that is definitely going to catch your attention first are her amazing curves.“This could be help with emotional issues, personal problems, developing social skills, practice flirting, or just be a plain friend/girlfriend.

“I even post on my clients social media walls, if requested, for no extra charge.Some guy is so lonely that he has to pay for a friend and you are willing to lie to them and manipulate them.“This just seems like you are taking advantage of a person's loneliness to make a quick easy buck.” Another said: “You are letting them pretend you guys are friends, when you are still referring to them as clients.)” Strictly online-only, she sets out clear rules when she can be reached by phone or text, and claims she is doing this to fund her nursing studies.Paid via Pay Pal, Haley says she has set up her “own business” and listed her pricing structure: “Daily: (recommended if you just want to chat for a day. This applies to the hours I’m available) [£10.74].“You make money, you have clients, you are portraying a fantasy.