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He texted back: "Same as last time."I was shaking with anticipation as I walked to his apartment and opened the door.

He finished showering, dried off, wrapped the towel around his large waist and, on the way out, said for me to meet him at his place in an hour.I rushed home to get prepared for what I hoped was a good fucking, not taking any chances.Before I arrived, he sent another text: "Door is open, I'm jacking off to porn.Come in and do your thing." As instructed, I walked in, and before me was the beautiful sight of Malcolm sitting on the couch with his shorts around his ankles, holding his erect cock in his hand."Remove your clothes, boy," he told me before taking a guzzle of his beer.I watched in the mirror as he got on his knees, holding his hard penis dead aim at my ass.

His wide head worked into me, using only his spit as lube, then slowly slid the entire ten inches. "I don't want the neighbors to hear," he whispered as he placed his hand over my mouth.

His bedroom was easy to find in the small apartment, but was a terrible mess, with a mattress on the floor and clothes strewn about everywhere.

I figured I would offer to clean up his place at some time.

This time there was no conversation, no nonverbal signals as I got on my knees and began sucking his soft dick.

However, after several interruptions, he got up and headed to the shower where I followed. I was hoping he would return to the sauna or steam room as I admired his shiny, naked body, making sure to bend over in front of him to show my hole.

Not sure what was going on, I was standing and looking around when he came in, wearing shorts and a wife beater.