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After several weeks of contact on the internet, Smith demanded naked pictures of Sarah. But once she met them, 15 requested immediate payment of sums between £50 and £275 per sample, which is illegal. Almost all the others wanted varying sexual contact.

What, other than the obvious, motivates unlicensed sperm donors?

‘Chris’, a prolific veteran who said his semen had led to more than 100 successful pregnancies over 20 years – most via unlicensed websites – agreed to speak on condition of anonymity.

He said he charged nothing other than his travel expenses, though sometimes recipients provided a ‘small gift’.

They plan to introduce it in the next session of Parliament.

‘This is a ghastly form of trafficking,’ Mr Sheerman said.

But their critics – including a growing number of MPs – say they are a magnet for sexual predators who attack women too embarrassed, or powerless, to complain to the police.

Young and vulnerable, Sarah became fixated on the idea of having a baby.

But soon he was recommending NI, and promising he would find the best sexual position to ensure she had a girl.

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