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For a service that's promoting relationships and communication, I'd say their advertisements are very misleading.

If e Harmony were a person, he is someone I definitely would not date.

After the lawsuit was filed in 2009, Great Expectations fled the state, and Doering wondered if he would ever get his money back.

I figured well, maybe he's fighting it and he lost," Doering said.

Worst of all, Dpering found the "local" dating service wasn't so local after all.

FOX6's hidden cameras showed that the company's sales pitch was more like an interrogation.

You can choose to be either a free member or a paid member.

If you decide to be a free member, you can contact paid members, but not other free members.

Elliot Doering is one of the many who shelled out six figures for a dating service membership.

"The likelihood of finding an individual who doesn`t have a car and is willing to date on a bus, it ain't happening,'" Doering said.

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