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Karina Smirnoff in Kauai (1/31) I used to think that Owen Wilson’s worst career move was his suicide attempt back in 2007, but that was before he started dating a reality star.

From Life & Style: Owen Wilson had better learn the foxtrot — quick! Owen Wilson is not dead There’s a rumor on the internets that Owen Wilson died today after snowboarding into a tree at a ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland.

"But Jade wasn't willing to go along with that, so Owen decided to end things with her instead of cheating behind her back." Now Life & Style have reported that Wilson and Smirnoff are dating.

In 2007 Wilson was taken to the hospital after a reported suicide attempt.

In her book, Smirnoff and her friends wax on about several dates and relationships gone bad, though the identities of the men are never revealed.

That said, it seemed obvious that the A-list star that took Smirnoff to a very public restaurant while talking her ear off was probably Owen Wilson, and that the “super hot” and “sexual” celebrity she got hot and heavy with was no doubt Mario Lopez.

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vixen has started going out with Owen Wilson and a romance is heating up between them. News has taken the rumor out for a spin and can definitively say it's…So false! News that the dancer is not dating Owen."There is nothing there," says the insider. They are friends but not dating at all."Glad we could put that one to rest.

“It’s not about calling anyone out,” Smirnoff told PEOPLE.

“It’s literally looking at dates from a positive perspective.

In January of 2011, the couple welcomed a baby boy into the world, named Robert Ford Wilson, however, they did not marry and tragically only five months following the baby's birth the couple split.