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His daughters can check their activity patterns via the company's secure website.

And more than anything, it gives us all peace of mind." The Pak family is on the leading edge of a technological wave of global significance."Over the next few decades, Boomers will push this (tech) trend partly both because they are very independent, but also because in the same time frame we'll see fewer paid and unpaid caregivers," says Jason Tester, research director for the non-profit Institute for the Future, citing a recent AARP report detailing that in 2010 there were 7.2 middle-age caregivers for every 80-year-old, but by 2050 that number will plummet to 2.9."With fewer people to watch over tomorrow's seniors, some will move into digitally connected retirement homes, while others will simply retrofit their own homes," Tester says.

SAVING MONEY, SAVING LIVES For seniors, the benefits of an idealized medical smart home are physical, psychological and emotional.

Aging in place means continuing with familiar routines while health data are wirelessly relayed to doctors, caregivers and concerned family."Now they know how I'm getting along," says Song, a retired urologist, who has sensors on his keychain, refrigerator and even on his favorite TV-watching chair.

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