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Another exciting ‘explosive’ tapas dish was the Salmon A Humado (Explosive Smoked Salmon with Chipotle Cream and Marinated Salmon Roe – per piece).

When broken, the runny egg yolk coats the chunks of perfectly cooked squid and crispy potato pieces, creating a delectable mixture.

The strips of high quality Iberian Ham added a salty and decadent flavour to this very rich dish…

The juicy prawns are so fresh and succulent, smothered in a deliciously strong garlic and olive oil sauce. One of the more substantial tapas dishes was the Pulpo A I’m usually a big fan of this hearty combination of meaty octopus and potato, but these left me a little underwhelmed as the potatoes weren’t as soft and melt-in-your-mouth as I was expecting.

Yet another tapas arrived at our table, the Bikini Mallorquin – .

These toasty sandwiches were packed with melty cheese and totally comforting – a surefire way to satisfy any cheese cravings.

After all these tapas dishes we were feeling suitably stuffed, but when we were presented with the Rotos (Broken Eggs with Baby Squid and Iberian Ham Shoulder – ), we couldn’t resist tucking in.The Cochinillo (Roast Suckling Pig with Traditional Garnish – 0) arrived in all its glory, and didn’t disappoint.This roasted meat was incredibly tender with a thin and crispy skin.Whilst this wasn’t a bad dish, it didn’t have quite the excitement and inventive flair as the other tapas, and I wouldn’t say it’s a ‘must-try’. the Gambas Al Ajillo – definitely makes it onto the list!I first tried these at the Soho 189 opening, and couldn’t get enough of them.Head up in the lift at Soho 189 and you’ll reach this spacious new Spanish restaurant .