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All queries and problems are sent to this person who holds the key to the castle and we’re back where we started.

A frustration a lot of IT operations people have is that they get a lot of questions or problems that miss a lot of information to be able to handle the request. ) This leads to ticketing systems or forms that people need to fill in to do their requests.

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We have called the library Azure Security As Code (Asac) and it can be found on Git Hub.This library allows you to store the security settings in a YAML file. By means of a pull request, developers can update their own security settings.The above graph displays service status activity for over the last 10 automatic checks.The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller.This will often result in an suboptimal process that mimics the old process which was made from the operations point of view. Then trying to automate the process using the systems they use like git works best. One of the things that we currently see a lot is the management of Azure.

In the digital revolution that is currently happening in companies is that we focus on client value, improving processes so they give our customers the best user experience. In many organizations there is still A central authority that manages the Azure subscriptions.

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This port is blocked by the corporate firewall so they ask operations to open the port. In 99% of all enterprise organizations IT operations is not the deciding authority of which ports should be opened or should stay closed.

So in their ticketing system they add something where you need to prove you have the seal of approval by the security authority that opening this port is not a security risk and it is really necessary.

When automating these operations processes we should also pick the right tool that fits our customers. In some cases, teams have their own subscription where they can do everything they want, but the more they move towards production the less permissions they (should) have.